Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bucket list......

My BFF emailed me the other day to say she had decided to write up a  'bucket list' for her 30th. Well I thought that was such an awesome thing to do so naturally I swiped her idea!

This year has been a pretty good practice run in terms of getting my goals achieved, I have successfully survived my first year of university, I am well on the way to becoming a lean mean short short's wearing fighting machine Mumma of three, I did not however see Missy Higgins in concert bloody Missy, but I did add a few goals through the year like learning to run and walking the Bib track so I guess they made up for the lack of Missy viewing bloody Missy.

So now I need to compile a list of 30 goals I want to achieve in the year 2012 (gahhh that feels weird writing that date).....


1. Watch Missy Higgins in concert
2. Run the 12km city to surf
3. Survive another year of uni sigh*
4. (stolen idea but love it) A girls only weekend away to a spa retreat
5. 7 day trek on the Bib track-down south
6. First aid cert. (I mean I really should have that)
7. Go to Melbourne and buy some super funky vintage jewellery
8. Get a super vintage push bike....
9. Ride my bike everywhere (like some weird bike lady)
10. Learn more patience...I'm not very patient
11. Be more open to new friends-I am a little closed off, for no good reason at all.
12. Maybe go blond....just a little?
13. Sing karaoke to Missy Higgins

Okay okay I only got to 13 but that's good, my goal for this year can be to find 17 new goals for next year.....sheesh!

Ill update as I go and please don't judge, I mean being a better Mumma,cook,neighbour,shopper etc is not really a bucket list goal, it's more of a you know, working progress I'm allowed to be selfish and materialistic, it is MY bucket list....and I could totally pull blonde off if I tried.......maybe! HA!

Alice xx

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