Monday, 14 November 2011

My secret weapon....

So if you have read my other post you would know that I count calories.
Today my friends I share with you my secret counting calorie tool that keeps me on track and more importantly accountable for what passes my lips...

Introducing  It is a free app that you download (or use on your PC) it's super easy to navigate and I love her more than Turkish delight ice-cream bars.

How it works is you enter or scan (straight from the bar code) your food product, it searches its data base then comes up with its nutritional stats, you then add it too your 'daily diary'. It tells you how many cals you have left, what vitamins and mins your low in and IT EVEN HAS A WALL- yes my friends you may become friends with me, or whatever, and we can chat on the wall and be all like.... 'errr I'm craving, woohoo I'm doing great'...ya get my drift...You log at the end of the day and it gives you an estimate of how much you will weigh in 5 weeks, it's that simple....Now for the serious stuff though, I love her and she is my world BUT I'm not sure how accurate her little data base is etc, it's technology so ya neeeever know. With that being said you can track on a piece of paper for a day and compare results, me? I'm trusting and willing to put my life on the line for her supposed accuracy.....ahem.

No in REALLY all seriousness now, have a look around at some of these apps, they can track your workouts, calories, heart rate...the list goes on! Technology that actually works for me, not against? - that my friends is brilliance.

Happy tracking

P.s- if you want to 'become' my friend I go under the name of  allyk1782

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