Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just some sentences...

Last night I ran 3 km with some new (and old) faces. We have been running as a group for a little while now and so I thought heh, why not make us official? So that's what I did- We are now known as Marathon Maidens, and some have even gone as far as calling me Mother Maiden, and they do this with no bullying or threatening- What? it's a cool name!!!

I have decided to be a vegetarian (again). I was a vegetarian in high school and really sucked at it. I was the oldest of 5 children so Mum was a little um, unsupportive of the idea to say the least. She was all like 'If you think I'm making a whoooole other meal you got another think coming' so basically I lived on mushrooms and hot chips-not such a good idea for I followed that with 12 years of obesity- anyhoo, I have decided to do it again because: a, I can actually cook without the need of a parent buying the right ingredients and b, I'm not much of a meat eater, am super fussy and heh, I wanna see what health benefits come along with it.

So this leads me into my next big announcement dum duh duh dummmmm ahem....I am going vegan-yes friends I am going to SLOWLY transition into 'veganism'. This is a HUGE move for I have a love affair with masters ice coffee light, like HUGE HUGE!!! but I am the kind of gal who if educated on animal by products will not want to consume them again, Im good like that, once I know where the heart, lungs, liver etc go then I'll be all like nope, no thanks!! (for any true all out vegans out there  I am sorry if this offends, I do want to do this for the benefits of animals but it is not my only reason, this is my weight loss/health journey first and animal lover journey second)

So as of today I am eliminating milk,cheese,eggs and butter- oh and of course meat.

Tonight I start boot camp #2 with the amazing Kim at!/pages/Ellenbrook-Group-Personal-Training-Sessions/101012173289981 . This round will be 3 nights a week for four weeks, along with that I am going to keep running with the marathon maidens and maybe add in a couple of group trainings too- I have finished uni (in case you didn't know;) so want all my spare time spent getting the best results for my body transformation that I can, I might take some measurements and do a bit of a before and after pic maybe!

So I think that is basically all for now, thanks for coming by, Oh and if you have any advice or websites to check out please post in the comments or on my face book page.

Alice xx

One last thing...
I want to give a huge shout out to Tracey from live lightly now, she has been so forth coming with an abundance of really useful information about what we put in our bodies, I will get to the whole organic thing Tracey, just one step at a time. Was lovely to meet you face to face in front of the Tim tams today (and no, neither trolley received said biscuits, even though I reeeeally wanted too). You can find her here :)!/pages/wwwlivelightlynowcom/200432237334

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